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The "Other Actions" button is hidden behind an overflow menu ("...") on Chrome as shown in the screenshot. This does not occur using Firefox, and it does not occur in the legacy user interface. This occurs despite using a widescreen monitor, with maximized browser window, with plenty of screen space for the button to expand to the right and drop the overflow menu button ("...").


We've been forced off the perfectly functioning legacy interface. Now this is slowing us down since we are now required to click "..." and then hover over the "Other Actions" button before finally clicking the action we want, such as "Mark as Shipped". When will this bug be addressed?




Hey there @sales293


Thank you for joining us here in the community and for this post. 


I appreciate the feedback you have provided about the button layout for the "other actions" options. While I cannot guarantee an immediate change, I will absolutely be checking in to confirm if this is operating as intentional or is in fact a bug in the system. As soon as I have any updates I will update this thread accordingly.




I would like to add, if they could move the "Mark Shipped" button somewhere on the top. Maybe right of the create label button, that would expedite our process of entering tracking # from other shipping locations (drop ships). With the new version, we have to click 3 buttons to get to "Mark Shipped".


Secondly, the last 2 buttons that we have to click, we have to use a mouse to navigate to those specific tiny areas. It will not let us use our finger for the desktop touch computer screen.