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When displaying your checkout rates in Shopify, the rates only display the lowest option not all the options.  So for instance, USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground are basically the same and yet it only displays USPS Ground because it is cheaper.  But our customers have stated that they have no confidence in the USPS and would prefer UPS.  Also, UPS provides insurance and more of a guarantee on their packages. 


We really need a way to display all the options not just the lowest priced option.  So unfortunately this feature is useless to us.  and we must use Shopify and have discrepancies. 


We're having the same issue. We really want to show every single shipping method available and give the customer the control to choose. This system won't even allow you to at least create three categories to give customers the options of Expedited 2 day delivery and Overnight mail. It automatically cancels one out and will only display the lowest standard delivery and 2 day. It does this because 2 day is cheaper than Overnight. Why should a customer have to settle for 2 day if they wish to purchase Overnight mail? This programming does not fit our needs. Totally dissatisfied.


Yes, I agree. If the user is paying the shipping fees, they should have the option to select whichever service they want within a given rate tier. Users will know who delivers to their home or business the best and may elect to pay a little more to have the carrier they want deliver their package. There is no sense in allowing multiple carriers in a given rate tier if you are going to suppress all options but the cheapest. Please allow all carrier options to be displayed to the user and simply default the selection to the cheapest. Then the user can decide if they want to pay more for the other carriers available at that service level.


Hi Team,


Your servers are requesting the rates from all carriers servers, so the work is done.

So what needs to be sent to the cart software (BigCommere, Shopify etc ...) is not to Shipstation to choose from but the merchant for their customers.


In our case we have to be able display USPS and UPS because of used cases like PO boxes as an example.

In that case users will have to choose USPS and not UPS.

Your feature by not letting it being a choice, is just a pure nice mistake.


By the way, your competitor EasyShip is sending back all the different carriers rates if need be.

Can you correct your feature to allow it?


Best Regards




I just inquired with ShipStation support about allowing every rate to show at checkout instead of just the lowest rate for each tier. Only showing the lowest rate is problematic, especially for customers that prefer a specific carrier for whatever reason. For example, there are a lot of customers that hate using USPS because of past service issues and would prefer to pay more for UPS(or FedEx).

I recently had a customer ask if we offer UPS shipping prior to them placing their order and I said we did. Of course when at the checkout, UPS wasn't an option since it wasn't the lowest price.

Please allow us to turn this supposed "feature" off so our customers can see all available rates and let them choose the carrier they prefer.