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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Auto combine feature for multi orders when they have the same shipping address.
The only instance where you cannot automatically combine orders would be Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. For whatever reason, Amazon wants one tracking number per order and if you try to combine them, you're unable to create a label in ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Are there times you do not want to combine orders even though they are going to the same location? NO. For those that answer yes, just make this feature optional. How often do you combine orders each week? Are there times you do not want to combine orders even though they are going to the same location? 8-10 times per day.
First-timer (legacy)
How often do you combine orders each week? Everyday we combine orders at least once Are there times you do not want to combine orders even though they are going to the same location? There has only been a select few times when we do not want this to happen, in which case we simply use the split order feature. More often than not, we are combining orders. The badge icon in the top right notifying us that there is a duplicate order/address is hardly noticeable. Combining orders automatically should be a feature.
First-timer (legacy)
We have to combine order multiple times a month. We have a pre-sale model so we could sell 1,000 items in one sale. When we go to ship, we have to click the custom date range to select dates the orders were placed. They combine each persons order individually and it takes FOREVER!! It wastes so much of our time (hours) clicking the same thing over and over again. Not to mention the time wasted having to wait for the screen to reload after each order has been combined. This is my very least favorite thing about this program. If the purchases are made on the same day by the same person, I wish it would just automatically combine the order instead of having to do all the extra clicks and wait time. I would even be fine with picking the custom range date and then clicking a button to automatically combine all orders in that custom range. It just wastes so much of our time the way it is configured at the moment.
First-timer (legacy)
I have to combined atleast 20 a day. it is extremely time consuming and this problem has only been recent.
First-timer (legacy)
As a basic user I combine orders a few times a week.
First-timer (legacy)
Dev team, combine shipping feature is a must have feature for any shipping platform. Almost all the shipping platforms I have used so far all have combine shipping features. Shipstation combine shipping feature is not robust as needed. Despite the high votes on this feature, I really want to reiterate some basic functional specs combine shipping feature need to include. 1) Automatically group orders placed by the same customer with identical shipping address and display all orders in the sub grid view instead of just saying "multiple orders" 2) After grouped, only prompt to users if combine shipping is desired, do not perform the actual combine systematically without user confirmation. 3) Once combined by user, automatically combine sku and map the combined sku in preset fields on the shipping label. Currently, user can only manually map up to 3 sku to message 1-3 fields. This limits combinable orders count and sku are displayed at different section on the label, my guy kept missing orders because he did not see all the sku in one place.
First-timer (legacy)
any updates from shipstation on this? over 200 votes!
Hi guys. We are just not migrating our company, (and eventually nine sales channels) from ShippingEasy to ShipStation. This is a feature that we use on a near-daily basis in ShippingEasy. Essentially our order processing staff click "Combine Orders --> with Same Recipient". Usually at least saves us $5-$10 a day on postage, but more more in busier days. Then there is the additional savings on labor to package the orders. And a bit more in shipping supplies used to ship the orders. For our company we always combine orders that are going to the same location, but I guess there are times when that wouldn't make sense for other firms. I would consider this an important feature.
First-timer (legacy)
We combine orders almost daily, mostly from our ebay sales. So probably about 5-10 times per week. We used to use XPS. What they did was nice, and was similar to the way ebay bulk shipper works. They would provide a notice at the top of the page that says "You have orders that can be combined". Clicking on that notice opened up a lightbox that would display all of the combinable orders. We could check off each ones individually and then press OK. So, a quick check for combinable orders, and then letting the user apply it would be ideal for all users I feel.