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Status: Investigating
Auto combine feature for multi orders when they have the same shipping address.
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I would really like to get a button that can check immediately double names double emails or doubles addresses I hope your technical team can do something like that in the future so before I ship out many orders I don't have to go one by one and check out the names to see if I have double shipping to do When you have five orders it's very easy to spot But when you have 100 or more to make it difficult And I noticed that many time the program did not recognize double names Hope this will be something available in the near future guy
First-timer (legacy)
We have at least 10 orders to be combined every day. There is also this issue about combining order. We have 2 different shop on Ebay and if a buyer buys 1 item from each one of the shops, shipstation doesn't combine them even though orders are going to the same address.
First-timer (legacy)
Having an alert box pop up on the top would help our fulfillment center out a lot. Right now they are missing the alerts in the top right.
** We combine orders daily but there are some that we do not wish to combine. I think it would be great to at least have this as an OPTIONAL preference -- And if we could enable it on a per store basis. Reason being, we will almost always combine orders for our eBay store but we do not always combine orders for our Amazon store because, technically, each Amazon order should have its own tracking number; so depending on the items/value, the orders often remain separate.
First-timer (legacy)
We combine orders every single day! Every morning we come into the office and must manually combine over 50 orders DAILY! On Mondays from the weekend orders we most of the time have over 300 orders to combine, and due to your old system we must do that manually which takes hours!. We are wasting precious time for no apparent reason, Please ShipStation we all would like for these orders to be AUTOMATICALLY combined. MAKE THIS HAPPEN ASAP !!!!! to be honest we are strongly considering changing providers to a system which provides this service
First-timer (legacy)
PLEASE change this feature. We are wasting so much time combining orders each shipment. This month, we are having to look through over 1,600 orders to combine before shipment. It would be so great if they could automatically combine by order date when they transfer over to shipstation from the other platforms. We are going to have to switch to another provider if this is not fixed soon because we do not have the man power to combine that many orders anymore. It is such a waste of our valuable time.
First-timer (legacy)
We would like it have an autmation rul to combine orders for the same cusotmers
First-timer (legacy)
My company is also very interested in the auto combining feature. Please consider updating your service!
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on this?
First-timer (legacy)
This would really be helpful. Especially at a minimum for the store level. We have multiple avenues and although still a long shot we would get multiple orders accross product lines on the same day I would like to get the ability to combine orders from a store automatically. We do allot of upsel products so we have combined shipping all the time. Quit a pain the way it needs to be done. Even if there was a way to select and combine without doing each one separate