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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
If an order exceeds a certain weight, I'd like for there to be an automation rule that separates the shipment into multiple packages. We are a coffee company that doesn't ship anything over 40 pounds, but we regularly get orders over 40 pounds, so it would be great when we get an order like that for an automation rule to separate the order into multiple packages.
New Contributor
For example, an order for quantity 2 of Shoe A comes in. We pre pack all of our packages/dont have the boxes 2 combine 2 pairs of shoe A into one box, so we need a 2 package shipment to be created. This is currently done manually. We DO NOT want to "split" the order in our system though. Just make a 2 package shipment.
First-timer (legacy)
This is exactly what I need. Come on shipstation!
First-timer (legacy)
Hey Shipstation, this is something I think a bit vital to us. We spend a ton of time manually calculating and adjusting orders for quantity issues like this. For instance, we will get a bulk order of 180 units. This is actually 3 cases of 60 at XX amount of pounds. It would save us a lot of time to be able to have our bulk orders with multiple bulk line items read out a correct shipment value instead of us spending a lot of time each order adjusting them. Please feel free to contact anyone at MiiR for more insight into this issue. It is important to us to have this asap. Thank you
First-timer (legacy)
We do a lot of multi-package shipping, and having this functionality would be an absolute game-changer for us! Currently there is quite a bit of manual labor involved with getting accurate shipping cost calculations for these larger orders - would love to have this simplified!
First-timer (legacy)
Allow for "automation rules" to apply "Package Sets" in order to process multi-carton shipments and retrieve rate quotes faster. For instance, you ship your products in ready to ship cartons, each product being its own. If you have an order for 3 units, you can create a multi-carton Package Set and set an automation rule to do the following: If Number of Items is 3, assign Package Set #3 and it will automatically build 3 identical cartons which all you then need to do is print the label. This can also work as an alternative way to achieve Dimensional Rate Shipping if you configure the product weight to cubic feet. Example: If Order X has 5 units of all different sizes and you want to know how they will package together use the total weight to get the Cubic Foot measurements and assign "Package Set" tiers. If you know the volume of each size carton you use at your warehouse you can then automate how many or what size carton is needed. Since UPS and Fedex use Dimensional weight to determine "Carrier Cost"As long as you have a weight of at least 1 lb. UPS and Fedex rates are not effected. USPS shipments would not be affected by these rules since USPS does not allow for multi-carton shipments. You can easily filter these out by setting up Preset Groups for orders where the one unit is the entire order.
When bulky items ship in their original packaging and they are always shipped by themselves there should be an option (I think at the product detail level) to mark the item that it ships by itself. This will allow an order with multiple qty to automatically make it two packages for that order. This will make batch processing that much easier as you will not need to edit these shipments manually.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be very helpful for my company. All of our products are prepackaged for shipping, so having the ability to have the system automatically create multiple packages for orders would really speed things up.
Occasional Contributor
This should absolutely be built in functionality. We sell large, heavy furniture items. This means that most of the times, a single SKU will ship in multiple boxes by our ground carriers. Don't even get me started on the lack of any integration with LTL freight TMS providers. Anyways, it means for every order with multiple box, single sku items, we have to manually process the shipment to add multiple boxes. I really hope there's a way to get traction on this!
First-timer (legacy)
I was looking for the same thing that would be Amazing!
First-timer (legacy)
we would like to also apply package set as an automation rule! please let us know when this is implemented.