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Issue: Incorrect shipping amount provided to customs forms for international orders


The customs form Shipping Cost value is collected from the order information. If the order is not in the default customs currency (dispatcher's currency) the incorrect value is provided.



USA Customer order in Dollars. Shipping = $8.95

Customs form for the order: Shipping = £8.95


The value should show: £6.79


This is not converted and is part of the wider issue of the currency not being converted within Shipstation.


Solutions for developers:

- Make orders able to flow into Shipstation in default base store currency Eg GBP (an option is there in Magento but has no function)

- Convert orders into default currency on import

- Live Convert shipping fees into the currency of the customs document to present true value.


If you also experience this issue please let me know.

We do not ship our international orders via Shipstation for this reason.


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New Contributor

This has to be a feature in Shipstation. Most of our orders are in USD , and there is no way we can convert all into CAD just because region account is based in canada. Please let us know if there is any plan to implement this