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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
It would be great if there is a way to pull through customer VAT numbers onto our UPS commercial invoices created on ShipStation. At the moment VAT numbers are shown on a custom field but are not pulled through to the commercial invoices. This is vital when shipping high value EU shipments, especially now with Brexit.
New Contributor
It would be very helpful if we could have the ability to input the Customers TAX ID number for customs forms as this is very frustrating not being able to have this information as our International Business Clients require this information for import and so we have to manually write this on each copy of the 3 copies of the Customs Forms invoice. This should not be hard to add as this has been required on customs forms forever and wonder why ShipStation has not made this ability possible? . . please update so we can save time and frustrations. Thank you.
Status changed to: Completed

ShipStation has added a Tax ID field for the recipients and the value entered there will appear in the TaxID/VAT No field on UPS commercial invoices: 


Currently, you must manually enter this information into ShipStation, but we hope to soon implement a way to import this data from the order source, if it's present on the order.