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Status: Under Review
Currently, when generating a return label, you can only generate a label for a single package. Many of our orders are sent as multiple packages. If a customer desires to return there entire order, there isn't an easy way to generate multi-package return labels for an existing shipment. We'd really love this functionality.
First-timer (legacy)
Couldn't agree more! We've been asking for this for years!
Occasional Contributor

We badly badly need this as well.

Status changed to: Under Review
Occasional Contributor

8 years later and this is still not resolved.  How is it possible that this is still not done?  Major drawback..


We work with Home Depot and they require return label with every shipment. We can't provide this with Shipstation because the feature does not exist.  Why?


What is your solution?  Split a 9 piece order into 9 orders and create return label for each.. You call that a solution?  Do you realize how much more money it costs to ship items separately and return separately?  How much more work this ads to our workflow?    You guys are supposed to make things easier for us, not harder.  This needs to be taken care off.  You guys can't call yourselves a shipping Nirvana if you can't create multiple return labels.


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It has been nine years since this request was posted, yet nothing has changed. Why would it take you guys so long to take care of this or reply to the issue at hand?

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Multi-box shipments and returns are a must for any company that ships regularly. The length of time this has been requested and not fixed is really not a good look. A shipping platform should make all shipments possible, it's that simple. 

Hey there! 


Thank you for making your immense desire for this feature known! I assure you, this is being talked about within our teams. 


In the mean time, I would like to provide the automated solution that we currently have available. I know this will not be a perfect solution, but I want to provide what I have until there is an update. Please check out this section of our knowledge base all about automating return labels.


I hope this can help! 


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Not only that is not perfect, that is not even a solution.  The only solution is to make multi box returns available.


For now, unfortunately we have to go to to do our multibox returns.

Hi @milan

I'm sorry that this wasn't a viable solution for you. I assure you that this feedback is being reviewed. 


When I have any updates on multi-package returns, I will update this thread directly! 


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Davis, I don't believe this is being taken seriously a all seriously.  A perfectly good feature of splitting orders was screwed up  in the new version and this was not rolled out.  Not only it was not rolled out, now the system won't even print shipping labels if the order has multibox shipment.  Shipstation is getting worse and worse.


Why don't you let us vote before you change any major features? 

Send an email to people and see if they want this feature instead of just having us come here and vote.  By the way, how many votes do we need to get multibox return shipments feature?