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Status: Investigating
Love the branded tracking, but still about 70% of customer contact is in relation to shipping, and my replies nearly always include a link to the carrier's tracking site, which I get by right clicking and 'copy link address' from the Shipments page in SS. My request is that these links also link to the branded tracking, so I can see what the customer sees, and also avoids the need to link to USPS, DHL etc.
New Contributor
Same here, you should be so proud of not only the idea of making a customized Tracking page but also for the execution - it is awesomely beautiful! And yes the only think missing is what peter mentioned!
First-timer (legacy)
The URL to the branded tracking page needs to be included in the user interface, as well as in the export of shipment details. Right now I have to copy myself on all emails, then copy the URL from the email I receive, and paste into my system. What a pain! And it shouldn't mark the link as clicked if I go to it.
First-timer (legacy)
This would help immensely when a customer says "I see this on your page" and we have no way of seeing that unless we emailed ourselves.
Occasional Contributor
I was just talking on chat with shipstation and it looks like they have the function in place. The questions is when will the let us use it. It wont let me post a screenshot, but the screenshot the chat rep sent me had a "branded tracking page" link in the shipstation order page.
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YES YES YES YES YES....this needs to be fixed. Should I say YES some more???
First-timer (legacy)
Has this been implemented yet?
First-timer (legacy)
Would love this. Was looking to see if this existed disappointed if it still does not.
Status changed to: Investigating