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It would be very helpful if ShipStation would support international returns.


Hey there @BaileyDraper


I definitely see why this would be a desirable change to ShipStation! I'll move it over to the ideas section so that it can be voted on by other community members to show their support 🙂 

New Contributor

It would be amazing!

Our company produces and ships from Canada, but our return facility is in the US.

Being able to return all order to our return facility with the return portal would be, so much easier than our current solution...





We need to be able to make International return labels! Please!

Occasional Contributor

I agree with this! We went with Shipstation because the UPS website struggles to function well at our office. Maybe it's our internet but still. We would love to be able to do EVERYTHING in one single program. That's why we moved to ShipStation, but sometimes we still need to use an outside source because of this. It would be a great feature to add! I found another post about this and voted on it too. I'm voting in as many places as possible because we would love this function!