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We ship a number of larger items using LTL carriers such as Estes, ABF Freight, Old Dominion, T-Force, YRC Roadway, and more that are not in the Carrier drop-down list. It would be extremely helpful to streamline communication with our customers if we could select the carrier name when we enter the tracking (PRO) number.

Currently, we see the tracking number in ShipStation but "Other" for the carrier as too many LTL carriers are missing from the dropdown. 

As a result, the tracking number pulls across to Shopify and Amazon as carrier "Other" which means the customers cannot track their shipments. 

We can provide a list of carriers we use to increase the offering on the drop-down list if needed. 


New Contributor

Yes, we would use this function EVERY DAY. It is really messing up our metrics on Amazon and eBay.

As the dropdown list gets longer, it might be easier to just have the option to edit what carriers appear on the list. OR to have the option to have a blank space where we can type in our own carriers.


We also ship freight mainly through T-Force and wish there was a drop down for it. Our customers often call us for tracking because they aren't receiving it when we have to select "Other".

New Contributor

Can someone at ShipStation provide an official response for how a shipment for Old Dominion Freight Lines (as an example) is to be handled in Shipstation? @Manager-Erin 

New Contributor

Hi there,
Devin from DataAutomation here 😀

Although ShipStation does a really good job adding new carriers, I understand the challenges you're facing and the impact it has on your communication with customers. We've helped numerous businesses streamline their shipping processes and would be more than happy to assist you with this.

DataAutomation specializes in creating custom integrations and automating various processes, including shipping and order management. We can develop a solution to send the carrier options into Shopify, Amazon, and anywhere else by pulling the LTL carriers you work with, such as Estes, ABF Freight, Old Dominion, T-Force, YRC Roadway out of ShipStation and putting the right carrier into your ecommerce store. This will enable you to send the appropriate carrier when entering the tracking (PRO) number, improving the overall tracking experience for your customers on Shopify and Amazon.

If you'd like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at We can review your specific requirements, discuss potential solutions, and ultimately help you optimize your shipping process for an amazing customer experience.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

@gscdean @SBJ @rachaelblank @Carl4 

New Contributor

Hi Devin,

Thanks for the offer of help. However, we do not need a whole build-out at this time. This seems like more trouble than us just going to and putting the freight tracking in there ourselves. This is a pain and defeats the whole purpose of ShipStation, but integrating a whole other process is not worth the effort at this time.

Now if there was a patch we could easily integrate with no buildout, that might be worth it for us for a one-time cost.

River City Industrial


Has there been any update on LTL integrations in the past year? It seems like many businesses are struggling with this feature. If there was a manual entry field for the carrier, at least the customers could use the information to paste into each unique carrier's tracking website. Not ideal, but an okay workaround until there is a legitimate integration.