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Hi - We had an order that was placed late October 2023 with a Unit that was entered as: 2 OC375 by the customer. When the order was imported into Shipstation the OC375 was completely dropped from the labels address.  Normally, an indicator would have been given about a discrepancy.  Now, the system just deletes information without notification.  At present we have a package stuck in Panama because the OC375 was a unique identifier for a freight forwarding company so they would know where to deliver the package in Panama.  Would be awesome if shipstation had left the address information as entered instead of attempting to make it fit into a set parameter that may not be accurate for every location and can thus cause delivery problems.  A simple notification would have been perfect so a human could decide what needed to be done.  Now, I have an understandably upset customer because she submitted all the proper information and may never receive her package because of shipstations "rules".

Thank you for your consideration.