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Hi, We often get huge amount of orders to import. It would be great to be able to view more than 500 per page so that we can get those batched much quicker. We get up to 40k or more orders and having to get stuck at 200-250 orders at a time is time consuming. I've slowly increased the order's to up to 500 which is great, but now the problem is If i can't see more than 500 orders, I can't select all and batch those all together. When you select all on the first page of 500, the next page doesn't always show the remaining orders. So with the system at the current state, It would solve my issues of having major order batching times by having the orders page view more than 500 per page.



....or fix the views so that if i have say 700 orders, page 1 would show the first 500 and page 2 would show the next 200 vs currently page 1 and page 2 will both show 500 but mixed between the 700 orders which make it hard to keep track which orders have already been batched.