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Hot take: Soon, the only way a Shipstation user will know if there are buyer-initiated order cancellations is to randomly sign on to Amazon before we process orders in Shipstation and see if there are any, in order to catch them before accidentally processing them as a shipment. (WHAAATTT???)


We need to have Amazon Orders that have a buyer-initiated cancellation bring that information into Shipstation SOMEHOW. 


For example, Shipstation already recognizes different order statuses from marketplaces such as "Awaiting Payment" and "Cancelled" and separates those orders from "Awaiting Shipment."


Why can't Shipstation create a new order status called: "Pending Buyer Cancellation?"


I am not asking for the ability to actually cancel marketplace orders in Shipstation...



Because we manage orders exclusively through the Shipstation API, (AND NOT SELLER CENTRAL) Amazon suggests the following:


Changes to the buyer-initiated order cancelation requests for sellers who use APIs:


  • You can now view buyer cancelation requests through your own systems by using the “List Order Items API”. We are adding 2 fields on the API response which developers will be able to import and surface on their systems.


  • Once you import the buyer cancelation requests, you can continue to cancel orders with whichever process you currently use, either through API feeds, on Seller Central or with a file upload.



I am disappointed to say the least in my recent correspondence with Shipstation and an complete lack of empathy towards the major inconvenience this will be for Amazon sellers, especially those of us managing multiple Amazon marketplaces in Shipstation.


We PAY for Shipstation every month to AVOID having to use Seller Central. If we now must use Seller Central every day, multiple times a day, we might as well CANCEL our Shipstation subscription and process Amazon orders within Seller Central. (The shipping discounts are getting better than in some cases, FYI)


Thank you for taking another look at this problem and giving it thoughtful consideration.



We received another email from Amazon about this today. Having no reply from Shipstation here is not very reassuring. It's going to be such a mess... Amazon provided the API tools to developers. Why isn't there an announcement about this here? Then again, Shipstation took years to implement the gift message API changes with Etsy so this silence isn't completely surprising.


Indeed, we might as well purchase our shipping labels from Amazon or Etsy and cancel our subscription to Shipstation.

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Come on, Shipstation!


Changes if you use APIs:


  • You can view buyer cancellation requests through your own systems by using the List Order Items API. We will add 2 fields on the API response which developers will be able to import and surface on their systems.


  • Once you import buyer cancellation requests, you can continue to cancel orders through API feeds on Seller Central or with a file upload.


You will continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated order cancellation requests.


If the API can ALREADY DETECT orders that have been CANCELLED on marketplaces, the coding shouldn't be that hard to detect this new piece of data.

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I'd like to clarify my previous point. At the very MINIMUM, just give us THE INFORMATION THAT AN ORDER HAS A PENDING BUYER CANCELLATION as perhaps, a new order status, comparable to "awaiting payment" for example.


I understand that ACTUAL order cancellation is not possible through Shipstation. We can deal with that. We can deal with performing actual order cancellations on, like we do right now.


We just need notification within Shipstation  that an order has a pending cancellation.


And just throwing this out there to further incentivize, if Shipstation users need to go to Amazon prior to processing shipments to check for cancellations, we might as well PROCESS OUR AMAZON SHIPMENTS ON AMAZON IN BULK  instead of in Shipstation. Amazon has competitive discounts on shipping costs for all carriers, and in some cases BETTER DISCOUNTS than offered in Shipstation, with "Amazon Sponsored discounts."


Hi y'all, 


Thank you all so much for sharing your idea and with us and all of the cancellation process perspective provided both in the post and comments. While I cannot directly promise an update, I can absolutely assure you that our team is reviewing this feedback. We appreciate your patience while we do so. 


As with all ideas in our Ideas forum, this will be reviewed by our team and we will make sure to keep you updated of any changes via the status. If you are reading this and would like to be notified of updates to this idea as we move forward, simply add a comment below.

Please know that as soon as I have any updated information, I will share that here!


This would be a great feature, please keep us informed.

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Why was this never dealt with? can we at least get an automatic tag, "Pending cancelation," or some notification.?


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Following. Upvoting. 

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Walmart now has this as well, why is shipstation dropping the ball on this?


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@Moderator-Davis, Any update on this?

I just got another return on Amazon that the customer canceled, and we didn't catch it.

Just a simple "auto tag" type filter would be all we need. Nothing fancy.

P.S. Walmart denies the tracking upload when there is a pending cancelation, so our customer didn't know the cancelation was not accepted until they received it two days later. Embarrassing...  🙊


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Over a year later and over a year since Amazon has made this change to rely on either the seller's API integration or to manually be shipping orders through seller central where cancellation requests can be seen. I just received word back after contacting SS support about this, their response confirmed they still have no option to import this flag and didn't sound like there was any plan to. I miss the good old days when Shipstation was at the forefront of marketplace changes that affected our day-to-day workflows simply because it added value to their service. To be frank, this issue is a lack of adaptation on Shipstations part, not an issue with Amazon. Having the order cancellation flag on the order screen of seller central is meant for the sellers that are shipping through seller central. Amazon's expectation for sellers managing their orders via an api partner, is to utilize the changes made to the Orders API to receive these cancellation requests.

This is important as without it there is no way for a shipper to know NOT to ship an order that has been requested cancelled by the customer. This increases the chance on these orders to practically a certainty of being returned (an expense every seller wants to avoid).

I hope not, but after a year of no action, it will probably take a lot of us bugging Shipstation over this for them to do anything. If your seeing this and are an Amazon seller, please add a comment in support of Shipstation adding this field for us. Go a step further and contact support. Hopefully with enough noise they will fix this.

As a side note, there is also a similar scenario with the Walmart integration, which goes a step further and even rejects the tracking info from being uploaded on such orders, that if not manually reviewed and tracking added to Walmart means that not only have you shipped an order that has a cancellation request, you have put the order at risk of Walmart refunding it without return.

Really hoping these cancellation requests get added in soon as it is clear the major marketplaces are wanting these requests to be more transparently displayed wherever orders are being managed. They are trying to help reduce returned by helping us catch cancellation before they become a return... now Shipstation just needs to get on board! 🤞