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Please fix the Currency Customs Declaration feature ASAP!!


There should be the option to change the currency. I Just spoke to support and they told me that the account is restricted to the currency it is set up in and cannot be changed. 

"Ok. At this time, your customs declarations reflect the currency your account is currently set to and there is no option to change that. I apologize for the disappointment this may cause."


This was never an issue with the previous platforms  






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This has also become a huge issue for us and didn't know it would be until we started using ShipStation. We ship from Canada to USA and the declared value needs to be in USD.

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Same problem here and customers are being pissed off. 


We are requesting this change for many years now... nothing is fixed yet... 


It wouldn't be that hard to let shipstation users change the displayed currency for the customs forms... 

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This is a major issue for us, particularly when we ship to Mexico.  The value of the shipment could be something like ~$900 US Dollars, but ShipStation uses the Mexican Peso and lists it as a value of ~$18,000 USD on the customs declaration.

This is because the item is sold on Amazon Mexico in Pesos, but ShipStation labels the value as USD on the customs declaration.  So the value looks to be $18,000 USD.  The value should either be $900 USD or 18,000 Mexican Pesos, but $18,000 US Dollars is definitely wrong.

This results in the Mexican customs rejecting the shipment, the shipment getting shipped back to us, time getting wasted, money getting wasted, and the customer getting understandably pissed.😤

We have written to ShipStation many times, they say "there is nothing we can do about it" (which I find hard to believe seeing as they wrote the software) and judging by that this forum thread was started a year ago, it looks like they don't really care to do anything about it either.  Come on ShipStation you can do better!  You are labeling the value of our shipment at 20 times what it should be in this case.  Please respond to this forum thread so we know you are paying attention to this obvious flaw 🙏 🙏 🙏

Here are some related posts about this same issue (from this forum) from as far back as 2013!!:




Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 10.28.23 AM.png


Bumping this. It isn't difficult to simply add a dropdown menu with a list of international currencies to use on the customs form.

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They don't seem to care about us. I'm looking for alternatives now, as I'm fed up waiting. Its worse now with IOSS as well, as the digital customs form shows the wrong amount! (as GBP, but they paid in EUR)

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I just made another thread about this (see below). This thread is years old and the issue has not been addressed and is adding significant time and inefficiency to our order processing time by having to go order by order to update the item value to the correct currency number so as to not overpay on duties/taxes.


The workaround that I figured out for this is to add a value for the fields "Duties Paid" and "Postage Paid".  If there is no value for one or both, just enter 0 and this will calculate the shipping and allow you to process the order.

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I also would love to see this addressed. I am based in the UK but sell to many other countries and this is causing me and my customers issues.


This is a very basic issue that has caused many of our customers customs clearance issues as well as taking valuble time from our dispatch team to manually convert the amounts ..  come on shipstation very simple recoding to use currency of order in the custom declaration.... or just put a currency converter function in... 3 years and nothing done is just poor... 


Hello @psommerv!


Thank you for your post and suggestion! At this time, ShipStation does not support currency conversions. I have attached an article on how ShipStation handles currency.


We appreciate your feedback!


Happy Shipping!