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Display the appropriate currency symbol or name to match the currency where the order came from


Original post by user Matt Jackson


We sell internationally via an array of marketplaces.  And having the international orders import in the native currency is fine, but the currency symbol or some indication that it’s not USD is needed.


The Issue:  Presently the Native Currency is displayed in all Screens, Forms and Packing Slips as USD currency $, when it’s actually just a native integer, not USD at all.


Enhancement:  When an international order is being displayed on any SS screen or form, simply show the appropriate currency symbol related to that marketplace/nation that the order is from.


So for example, this table would be rather simple to implement and eliminate this confusion:


  1. If order came from a US marketplace, use $
  2. If order came from a UK marketplace, use GBP or £
  3. If order came from a EU marketplace, use EUD or €
  4. Etc.




Hi Matt!


Improving support for multiple currencies, and in general improving how ShipStation handles orders from orders sources in multiple countries, is a primary focus for ShipStation in 2021. We've done some work around international currency in ShipStation's new layout (formerly called ShipStation V3) - but those improvements are limited to orders imported from Shopify. 


We've received a lot of feedback around this and hope to release these updates very soon. Keep in mind all of the updates will be in ShipStation's new layout. There are no plans to release these updates in ShipStation Legacy.

New Contributor

This is really an important update. We're having issues with customers that can't pay us because of inconstitencies between our own invoices currency and shipstation's customs forms currency.


We're a canadian company but our prices are in USD, and on the customs forms, the displayed currency is CAD


I don't understand why this is so hard to implement.  You have to let your users choose the currency per account or per order. Why is this so hard ? We're simply talking about a string printed on pdf documents (customs forms, packing slip etc). 


Please this is a priority!!!

We too, are a Canadian Shipstation user. About 90% of our customers are United States based and have the same problem as described here. 


We tried converting to the new layout of SS so we had the field to include the customer's federal tax ID. The new layout however, includes the $CAD designation. Because Shipstation takes the dollar value of orders imported from Shopify, they are incorrectly shown on all customs documents unless we exchange the value of the item by the exchange rate of the day. That's not happening. 


I was told today (again) by Shipstation support that this would be looked at. That said, user on this thread 'Quadica' says this was a top priority for development almost 2 years ago. What is the development team working on? If the problems were fixed, they could spend less money on tech support and more on development of a better product.

I ask support for an update every quarter or so, and the answer is always the same. They will look into it. But of course, nothing ever happens.


I have pretty much given up on this being fixed. We have implemented a rather ugly workaround using the ShipStation API and some custom code, but our shipper has to confirm the values of every product in every shipment as there are edge cases that our code misses.


It is very disappointing, especially considering that everything else about ShipStation works very well for us.


More action would be great on this.  I'm unable to use the new layout because even when address standardisation is turned off on all the stores I manage it still does it and incorrectly changes UK and European addresses causing shipments to go to the wrong place.

Some of my customers that are UK based but charge in US $ because that is where their primary market is.  When I ship the customs invoices use the dollar figure the customer paid but put it down as GBP which is a lot higher.  Particularly painful for the European customers now they have to pay import VAT when purchasing from us and also Canadian customers.  Its causing confusion, annoyed customers and extra paperwork.


Thanks team!

New Contributor

This feedback request feature was changed to "Planned" a year ago this week and is still at that stage. It s one of the top 10 product feedback requests with over 300 votes.


This is not a minor issue as it results in the wrong dollar value being declared on customs documentation, which, as you can appreciate, is a pretty serious problem for us and the customer when discovered by customs.


This problem has existed since we started using ShipStation and really must be fixed. Soon.


Probably like everyone else, I got notification from Shipstation that we're being converted to the new layout in early May. There will be no going back apparently. This is a sad situation when promises are made months (years?) ago and nothing changes. For 90% of our shipments, our shipper has to convert everything from US$ to CDN$ simply because of a designation of Cdn$ in Shipstation. This means much of the savings we gain from using SS, is lost due to this one issue. I suspect every user outside the USA is in the same boat. 


It's hard to recommend this product to anyone with the lack of function AND false promises.