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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

We use tags on orders requiring special handling etc, but once the order has a label made, it moves to Shipments.

Tags are not visible in the Shipments grid and we can't sort by tag in the shipment grid.

How can I search shipments for tags?

Thanks to anyone with insight on this.

New Contributor

My understanding is you can only search for Tags under the Orders tab.  I think it would be helpful if the Tags can also be shown under the Shipments tab.

New Contributor

I agree 1000%!  I need tags desperately in the Shipments section.  We process refunds out of the Received section and want to tag them "Refund Processed" so we can see them plain as day.  Right now, there is no way to see what returns were processed for a refund.  Please add this simple column (like in orders) so we can use it.  

New Contributor

Any updates to this?  Seems like a 5-minute fix from a developer since every other column field is there but Tags.

Please add this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻