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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
We have a few websites that sell products to wholesalers. For example we will sell a case of a single SKU. Each case has 12 units. It would be nice if SS could allow us to setup virtual bundles that deducted multiple units of a single SKU.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi, I use shipstation to track my inventory. I would like that when the bundled unit sells the inventory would automatically adjust level of the two (or more) products that are part of the one that sold. I know that I can use alias function to automatically adjust another product level when a specific product sells, but I could not find alias for bundles of products. It would be great to have such option. Agree with previous comments.
This idea represented in 2012 and last year 2017 start reviewing this idea. Please keep us posted on when this is going to be implemented? it is very important to our business model to have such feature in place to manage our inventory on shipstation. Please advise
First-timer (legacy)
Hi! Bundles and Kits are product types that we at ShipStation are always looking into implementing, however they present a unique hurdle in how products import from our varying partners. Basically, there's no "one size fits all" approach we could do for making bundles or kits for ShipStation products. Moreover, the only way that bundled items/kits can be supported from all of our integrations is for each item to be considered "one line item". These two factors make support for bundled items something that require a lot of research. We thank you for your patience as we continue to look into how to overcome this hurdle and allow for bundled items/kit support within ShipStation. And keep providing your feedback!
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We sell our cards in bundles and a wholesale level so a bundle includes: six each of 6 different cards The bundle has a sku and each of the cards has a sku.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes please, this would make life much easier. Compatibility between pick list and bundles, deducting inventory from individual items that are part of a kit. Or some other similar solution. The apps provided to handle bundles on shopify are sloppy at best. This SKU -> these items.
First-timer (legacy)
I have the same problem. We manufacture our own products but we pre-make many of the pieces which work for multiple items. It would be nice if when the product sold I can remove it from the inventory of all products that contain the same 'pieces'.
We sell bundles with a parent SKU made up of 4 individual SKUs. We do not stock the bundles and need the Pick List to reflect the individual SKUs. We are using BigCommerce, which also does not have a way to divide a bundle into the individual SKUs.
First-timer (legacy)
Until Shipstation adds this feature, this is how we currently handle bundles. From within ShipStation products, we use the "warehouse location" as a field to list the components fo the bundle. It works nicely since the warehouse location field appears on the picklist and we adjusted the packing slip to also show warehouse location in bold. We have been doing it this way for 2-3 years. It is a good workaround. I had images ready to attach but it doesn't look like any can be added to comments.
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need a solution for this one... pls
First-timer (legacy)
'+1 We are a company that sells car audio speakers in pairs, fours, and bundles and we could really benefit from this functionality in shipstation. Adding the ability to bundle products would alleviate the issues we've been having with inventory and invoicing. Thanks in advance.