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Status: Under Review
It sure would be helpful to have a icon on the "Buyer / Recipient Info" dialog box to click on to see where the customer is located. Currently I copy and paste into google maps. Sure would be nice for a one click feature.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be handy. We use Shopify and all orders display a little map showing where the customer's shipping address is, with an easy one click to open Google Maps.
First-timer (legacy)
I like to look at where its being shipped to in Google Street View to take a look at the area, so I know if we should get signature required or not. If it looks like a highly populated area, or the door is in a high visibility area, we like to make sure to get a signature so the item will not be left at the door when nobody is home.
If I have options to ship from locations around the US, google maps shows where my customer is located so I can select the closest shipping option. Another use for google maps is when I get an Invalid address I can see where it is going and I can better decide how to respond to my customer as to what might be missing from his address. Such as need PO Box for a rural address or apt number etc. We do use google maps daily for various reasons so a link to google maps sure would be nice.
First-timer (legacy)
To protect my company against Amazon "Item not received" Buyers. I pick and choose whether to use signature confirmation by looking up the address on google maps. When possible I look at street view to scope the neighborhood. If it doesn't look like an area/or house I would feel comfortable leaving a $150 package at a doorstep. I use signature confirmation to protect my item and my sale. This would be a real time and money saver...
Excellent Idea. We do the same thing and saving the copy/paste would be great.
Occasional Contributor
Can you please add a google maps button next to every ship to address? This would help everyone instantly know whether a weird looking address actually exists, without having to keep leaving the platform. Thank you.
Frequent Contributor
Totally AGREE with this! Shopify includes a VIEW MAP link in the buyer's address info and this would be helpful in ShipStation as well!
Status changed to: Under Review