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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
The ability for Shipstaion to process international return labels. I know that you can not create an international return label in ShipStation because the ship from location has to be in the same country as your ShipStation account. We have to use a different service specifically for international return labels, making it extremely inconvenient and adds an unneeded expense on our part having to use two different services.
First-timer (legacy)
'@ShipStation, What seems to be the problem at your end to add this functionality? Is it about a commercial invoice for return? you can leave a field for us to manually upload the commercial invoice
First-timer (legacy)
Would really love to have international shipping supported through ShipStation. ShipStation has been amazing and met every need of our company except this! Really love the ways you've helped our company ship efficiently, this is just the one frustrating thing and it would be so helpful to have this figured out. Right now, we're having to have our customers pay for shipping to exchange something, and then refunding them the initial shipping that they paid for to compensate them back. Really inconvenient for us and for our customers, as it is a hassle and annoying to make them do so much work after already paying for our product.
First-timer (legacy)
We would greatly appreciate adding international returns. Currently, we ship to Canada with FedEx ETD printed on our labels, but we have no way to add this feature to our returns. Looks like I will have to manually create return labels with commercial invoices until this feature is added..
First-timer (legacy)
Having international returns would save our company a lot of time. We currently have to create each return manually through the FedEx website. We manually create 8-12 returns/week. That would easily save us 1 to 2 hours of work per week. Not only would it save time, but it would be much easier to keep all the return information about orders on Shipstation. Maybe it would be possible to start with US/Canada orders? When an international order would be requested, Shipstation could ask for missing information like "return reason" or "return value". I don't think there would be much more as the original shipment information would already be available. National returns seem to work pretty well - keep the same formula!
First-timer (legacy)
We're mid way through 2019 now and nothing has happened yet. Also no updates from shipstation. Based on our years in ecommerce, I'm gong to guess this is because shipstation is a US-centric business and all things international are therefore low priority. True, there are easier problems to solve, but the carriers who actually move the shipments have already figured it out, so all shipstation has to do is put a clean user interface on top of the data those carriers normally have to collect for cross border shipments. Assign a team and figure it out!
First-timer (legacy)
We would really appreciate having this feature added. We deal with a lot of international customers, and creating return labels manually is a slow process. We prefer to include a return shipping label in the package for the customer to keep things easy for them. In general we love using ShipStation, but we would definitely consider an alternative if they supported this feature--it is essential for us. Hopefully it can be added soon!
First-timer (legacy)
I was stunned to find that international returns are not an option. We have found that currently as international customers must go to the store we have been faced with a few problems that shipstation could rectify as they have in the Domestic market. Our policy is that customers pay return shipping, this is inclusive of the international market. This has caused problems as we have not been able to share our volume discounts with our customers, and so they end up occasionally angered by the cost and the fact that they must sort it all out. The other option is that we manual make returns via the Courier website... and well, we all know how thats just not feasible. Overall, we handle our decision of how to return and how much to subsidize based on each case whether domestic or international. So long as the same documentation was provided, of course with the "returned goods" on the commercial invoice, we would be happy to have the returns work the same and send the label and document to the customer.
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Something that would be extremely helpful for my business is to allow us to create return labels for international customers. we have many international customers and not having this feature is very time consuming. Not to mention it has us leaving your website and using another platform to create and pay for a return label. It's just as much of a loss for you guys as it is for us on our end. Shipstation is a great site that we don't want to stop using, so it would be so so so helpful if you guys could add this feature. thank you
First-timer (legacy)
If we can ship an order from Canada to USA via ShipStation, we should be able to generate a return label for the same order. I guess the De Minimis of $20 in Canada is the reason why it is complicated.
First-timer (legacy)
September 02, 2016 it is now April 2020 what is tacking so long!!