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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Customs 2014: Combine all requests for fixes (actually government requirements) to Customs forms (both Commercial Invoices and the 3 possible Certificate of Origins) so that they are completely system generated within ShipStation. currently there are about a dozen different requests to all focused on the incomplete customs forms generated out of SS. if you cant API to our existing complete and customs compliant forms from FedEx or UPS, please allow us a template to merge out SS shipping info onto. for any export orders over $2600, the failure of SS to go out to to get and print the required Electronic Export Information (EEI) requires us and others to leave SS and login into FedEx/UPS/etc and use their systems to get the complete shipping paperwork generated.... please gather up all the Customs forms requests into one omnibus request for internal fulfillment or API to the established solutions we all been using as workarounds - thanks
First-timer (legacy)
'-Setting to indicate that all USPS international shipments should have a commercial invoice. When this setting is turned, on whenever a label is created the corresponding commercial invoice is generated, and is available for download on the shipment page. When setting is turned on, once batch is done, the commercial invoices are available for download, and would include commercial invoices for all international labels created for that batch. -Setting to indicate that for UPS and FedEx carriers, use ShipStation commercial invoice instead of the one provided.
^ This feature would make our shipping process much faster.
First-timer (legacy)
this is an absolute must. not just for usps orders though.
First-timer (legacy)
This function is something that our company desperately needs from ShipStation
New Contributor
Should also allow the ad-hoc printing of Commercial Invoices as needed.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add this feature as soon as possible! Critical for our store and would save a lot of time, all international shipping forms should be able to be integrated including Certificate of Origins also.
First-timer (legacy)
sorry for typos and not proofing before sending; just got tired of sliding back and forth between SS and usable paperwork knowing many others have already requested these fixes....
First-timer (legacy)
I ran out of votes, but I am totally with you!! NEED THIS ASAP. Also getting the API to bring in the customer phone number and email with the API, I was told that it was because it was on FedEx side. I know that they are working on trying to get the FedEx One Rate going, why not also try and get this fixed at the same time.
First-timer (legacy)
If this does not yet exist, it should be implemented as soon as possible. Commercial Invoices are a critical document that we rely upon. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
This is a must for DHL. Very time consuming otherwise.