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We do drop shipping for many customers and need to make the package look like it is shipping from our customer to their customer (even though we are shipping it). While shipping, we should be able to select "Other" from the warehouse field and manually type in a temporary "From address"
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Greetings, I have discovered a work around. In ShipStation set up a Ship From location called Blind Shipment. Enter Fulfillment Center in the Name line (or anything else you want). Then, in the Company line enter Address:

Issue solved!

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That does not solve consistently the issue of blind shipping from different customers to their clients.  

That seems to affect only shipping from one base location rather then hundreds of clients to their customers.


Does that sound right?  


Yeah we opted to enter a "*" but the request would be to support this field as a variable. Even if the stored name for each location is not changed we would be okay with a separate field that can overwrite the name with a unique value or even better update this additional field with the custom store integration methods. 

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This is a must have for our business. Can this please be implemented?

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It's insane that this is not a higher priority.  Blind drop shipping is the key to many companies.

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Yes! We need a robust solution for blind shipping too.

How has this issue been ignored since 2015?!


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Can we get an update from someone in Ship Station?? @support @help @someone

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Jumping on the blind shipping bandwagon. I spent a lot of time integrating ShipStation into my workflow and got all the way to the point of shipping test packages before I realized this was going to be a problem. When I asked support about the issue they explained to me that it was not possible due to carrier requirements - but that is not true, or if it is, than the carrier that is requiring it needs to get in line with what is a standard practice with all major carriers. Ironically, I can do this using your other product, also - FedEx supports this is Ship Manager, and UPS supports it in Worldship - so it is definitely not a carrier requirement with any of those carriers - so why are you letting the minor players keep you from getting business?

I am only complaining because other than this issue, ShipStation has been AWESOME - it was very easy to integrate into my workflow using your API and within a couple of days I was able to completely automate getting my shipments from my order management software to ShipStation and returning all of the necessary data after the shipment was completed. It is just hard to even believe that this is overlooked while everything else is so very polished and works so great. If it was awful I would not care and would just move to a competitor and would not even complain... I am disappointed that I have to abandon all of my work and start over with someone else, this really needs to be a priority for you , unfortunately I cannot use ShipStation if I cannot blind ship 😞 

*****UPDATE ****

I got a reply from support, and there is a workaround for this that I did not see in this thread. It isn't perfect for me, but it is at least a workaround that will help and might be a complete solution for some...

You can set up additional "Ship From Locations" under Settings -> Shipping -> Ship From Locations - you can set these addresses (I assume as many as you need) with your correct ship from location information, then uncheck the "Use Ship From Address as Return Address" box on the right side, then enter the blind shipping address info... 

It is a valid option for blind shipping - however unfortunately for me - there is no way that I can see to set this value via the API, so it must be selected manually in the shipstation interface. 

I would really rather be able to set the "Return address" on an order by order basis, instead of using the workaround above, and as a next best option, I could use the workaround above of there was a way to set the "Ship From Location" via the API, but it does not appear to me that either of those are options - but at least there is a way to do it - it is just manual, and doing things manually is what I want to avoid doing, so that is how I ended up at ShipStation to begin with... If only I could just set that property in an automated fashion...