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Status: Under Review
Because this original request I made for this was closed when an unrelated feature was introduced, I'm creating a new one. I would very much like to be able to have the automation in ShipStation be able to print. This would allow me to have it automatically print all new orders that have downloaded, so that warehouse personnel know an order has come in when the printer starts spitting out packing slips. This is something we're used to having in a different product we switched from to ShipStation and it's the main thing we miss. With printing being done through ShipStation Connect now, this should be entirely possible too. The other thing that would have be added is another feature that ShipStation really does need anyway: an indication of some kind that an order has already been printed. This would allow automation to "print all unprinted orders" as well as greatly reduce the possibility of orders being double-packed when more than 1 person is working shipping. We've had this happen multiple times simply because there's no good way to tell when an order has already been printed right now. Thank you!!
Status changed to: Under Review

I wish that I knew that it was not possible to automatically print packing slips before I switched to ShipStation. I would have chosen a different solution and we are probably going to move on asap. I am also amazed that this has been a feature that has been requested since 2012 and has not been addressed. Not pleased!




I agree.  We currently use another app in Bigcommerce to auto print packing slips.  It is not an efficient use of time to manually print 200-500 orders each week.  When they print automatically staff members simply grab the order, pick it and line it up ready to ship on shipping day.  We ship perishable plants so our fulfillment process may be a little different to others.


Shipping easy has this.  It's needed for shipstation. 

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@SuperMgr-Sarah any updates on this? It seems that it’s essential for all of us and I see you’ve moved it to under review. 


Me to...Shipstation needs to add this instant print label when new order comes in.  Please add and deploy this feature!


We really need this feature as well. Not all of our staff require access to Shipstation or a computer. If the staff in charge of printing goes on break or has something to do, the other staff just wait around. I would like to see this added as an automation as well, being able to choose which printer, or which orders, or how many copies would be extremely useful. 


Add me to this list. I can't believe it isn't a feature.

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This would be great!

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone found a workaround to this issue? I would love to hear from any other shippers who may have some ideas, as I have been unable to make this work.

Are there any updates on this feature @SuperMgr-Sarah?