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Status: Under Review
Because this original request I made for this was closed when an unrelated feature was introduced, I'm creating a new one. I would very much like to be able to have the automation in ShipStation be able to print. This would allow me to have it automatically print all new orders that have downloaded, so that warehouse personnel know an order has come in when the printer starts spitting out packing slips. This is something we're used to having in a different product we switched from to ShipStation and it's the main thing we miss. With printing being done through ShipStation Connect now, this should be entirely possible too. The other thing that would have be added is another feature that ShipStation really does need anyway: an indication of some kind that an order has already been printed. This would allow automation to "print all unprinted orders" as well as greatly reduce the possibility of orders being double-packed when more than 1 person is working shipping. We've had this happen multiple times simply because there's no good way to tell when an order has already been printed right now. Thank you!!
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I spent an hour on the "automation" screen trying to figure out how to do exactly this. Whether it's on a schedule or not, I don't care.
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We're also interested in automatically printing packing slips. Currently tagging orders manually as the packing slips are printed, but would love for it to happen on it's own when new orders are imported!
Went to searching for an autoprint feature in shipstation and found this thread. I'd love this feature, and I'd like to give a vote for putting it on a schedule as well. It'd be awesome if it could set auto print Tues at 9am and Thurs at 9am for instance.
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Glad so many people are interested in it, I would like to stop checking Shipstation for orders and have automated printing of both labels and packing slips as soon as order arrives. All my products are the same, so there is no point for me to pre-check the rate or anything, just spit out a label to the specified printer and I'd be all set!
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I would also like to have his added to Automation.
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Our business case depends on which issue exactly you're referring to, but I'll try an explain our work flow to try and clear things up a little bit Basically, customers place orders, they come in, and are printer automatically overnight, Our warehouse guys come in, grab a stack off of the printer, and get to work picking and shipping the packages, which saves time as they don't need to print pick lists on a case by case basis Ship station currently has no feature to print a specific form, or customize a packing slip when it comes in, so i was unable to accomplish this with ship station. The other thing is, even once we made a custom solution to generate slips for these packages when they come in, we found out that we don't even have access to an API to print items via Shipstation Connect I know shipstation has an INTERNAL API for Shipstation Connect, but it's not exposed, so we can't even use the same software that we're paying to use that's already installed on all of our computers for printing to automatically queue a print job Which means, we've changed our process from being all inside shipstation, to something that relies on 2 other separate processes, which are on two different systems, to something that could probably be implemented quite easily on you guy's end, or even if you weren't willing to make the entire process, if you could just expose the internal shipstation connect API we could reduce the reliance on other programs and servers and it would make our stuff so much easier, of course there are alternatives like google cloud print, but why would we have two separate systems to print things remotely when you guys already have all the framework and functionality built out, but simply have chosen to not expose it?
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Been trying to figure out how to get this done for weeks, never in a million years did I think this would not be an option
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Whenever a new order comes in would be best for our operation as it would serve as an auditory and visual update of the workload in that timeframe. Auto printing labels would be a great option too although I'm not ready to utilize that option myself. Thanks SS!
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Hey everyone, thanks for adding your votes and comments here! If you haven't already, please let us know how you're shipping today and the issues you're running into. Any information will absolutely help us look into this.
Print it automatically when it happens real time. Is there a way to do this with Zapier or some other WYSIWYG integration platform?