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We have some older staff members in our shipping department who are not able to read the font of the packing slips and order invoices because it's too small. When I contacted support, I was told the only way to edit the font size was to pay for a higher plan per month that unlocks document customization (+$20). It would be great if changing the font size was included on all levels (I don't need customization beyond that) so that we don't have to pay an extra +$240 a year for the older members of our staff just to be able to do their job. Thanks for your consideration!

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I have the plan that that supposedly lets me customize label & packing slip. Our problem is that we need to change the font size of the order summary so our staff can read the text details of the order. Twice now, we've had issues where the font was so small a lower case i wasn't seen on the engraving details of a $400 item. The customer got it and complained that her name was incorrectly spelled. 


We were told by tech support that we can't customize the order summary. Very odd that.