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Currently, shipstation users are only able to customise their packing slips, however, i believe many of us would greatly benefit from the ability to customise other documents such as the Order Summaries, or even the Pick List. 

Different companies will always have differing workflows. Adding the ability to customise more documents will allow many companies to become more efficient when using shipstation, without changing their workflow to line up with shipstations features. 

For example, our fulfilment team picks items per order, which means that using the Pick List to give our team a document that contains the warehouse location is not useful, as it cannot be sorted so that it displays per order, but we cannot add the warehouse location onto our order summary document. This leaves us with one option... printing packing slips for each order that needs picking, as it is the only document that can be customised, and have the location added to it. Therefore, if we could simply add location information into Order Summary, our team would have a much more efficient time picking items in the warehouse.