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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Different users that are in different offices/warehouse with different printers (thermal or laser) and print different size labels (4x6 and 8.5x11) should have the ability to have their own label/printer settings saved to their account instead of the need to switch setting every time globally.
First-timer (legacy)
Would love to see this warehouse option and not account wide label settings. Makes it very complicated with multiple warehouses with different label settings.
Occasional Contributor
I want different printers to have different settings or different locations.... I have one location with a 4x6 label printer and one location with only an 8.5x11 printer. It's a pain to have to swap every time.
First-timer (legacy)
Can we add different label / printers for different carriers?
First-timer (legacy)
Allow different printers to print different options. For example, we use multiple printers. Some of our work requires us to print labels with packing slips. Sometimes we just want to print the label with out the packing slip.
First-timer (legacy)
Every time one of our users at any of our locations changes the printer format size for their labels, it changes ALL of the other users format sizes at the different locations. One of our stores may use a laser printer (8.5x11) whereas one of our stores may use a thermal printer(4x6). Why can't I lock in a printer type for each store without changes being made across the board? it's a very annoying extra step to something that has otherwise been great to use.
First-timer (legacy)
Absolute must to have settings per user for drop-shipping, please prioritise
New Contributor
3 years and you still haven't done this? Seems so basic and necessary...
Occasional Contributor
we have a platinum plan with "5 users" but 2 different printer needs. We essentially only have 1 user as we have to text each other to take turns manually switching the printer settings. Crazy!
First-timer (legacy)
Absolutely need this. We have retail clients like Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and Walmart that have totally different label needs than our e-commerce drop-ship customers ... we need to be able to have multiple people working on different processing task and switching these settings globally every time makes no sense at all.
First-timer (legacy)
FedEx and UPS have different types of labels. Printing adjustments need to be implemented per carrier. For example, ref 1 and ref 2 would come out differently for UPS and FedEx labels. As of right now, if you want you PO to come out as ref 1 on UPS it will not come out as PO reference on FedEx.