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We have ShipStation connected to Shopify and When we get an order for Walmart, each order item appears on a separate line regardless of if the same item is ordered more than once. For example, if the same item is ordered 3 times, then it appears as three separate line times on the label with a quantity of x 1 for each. 

However, when we print a label from Shopify, it groups the same item together and the quantity of that item changes to x 3 for example. 

This is causing picking errors because people are expecting each line item on the label to be a quantity of one. 

Is there a way to get Shopify orders to display each item on the label as their own line item even if the order quantity is greater than one?


I am experiencing this same issue and it is significantly complicating out fulfilment process. Any insight here would be of great help.


Hello tshipper!


Thank you for your post! After looking into this, I was able to locate a help center article here for you. In short, this is a limitation of how Walmart sends us the order information. 


I hope this is helpful to you, and we want you to know that we appreciate you.


Happy Shipping!