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I would like to see more sorting options for labels and packing lists.  I want my sku's sorted on the packing list by warehouse location: a-z but then I also want my packing lists and labels to sort and print by order number;

Sort by: Warehouse Location

then by: Order number


Here is why;

We use packing list to pick and pack our orders. Packing lists are printed in batches and are not printed numerically because we have them set to sort by warehouse location, not order number.  The sku's on the packing list must be sorted by warehouse location for ease and efficiency in picking each order, as this is how our warehouse is organized.  The order is then boxed up, the packing list is dropped in the box, and a label is printed. 


It would be helpful to have packing lists printed oldest to newest so that we can allocate inventory on a first come, first serve basis. We feel this is imported in case we have oversold. I realize this is sort of an inventory management issue but we have thousands of tiny parts and as hard as we try, we miss count from time to time. 


Hi @heathert73 


We have a Shipstation to Google sheets add-on that can help you with custom sorted picking list, here is a link to a demo


Customer use case here:


Email us at if you'd like this setup





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