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Status: New

We get hundreds or orders and have over 4000 products.  Because we naturally pick the orders by product type NOT by order number or by last name we would love to print shipping labels in the actual order in which we CLICK them in the order page. 


Meaning, we have orders in boxes of 20 at a time ready to ship orders for:

Tim Carr

Sharon Morrison

Brenda Rivers

Amanda Zark

Ryan Clark



We DON'T reorganize them into alphabetical order or order number.


We want to have the labels print out in the order we click them.  The inevitability come out in alphabetical order or some order that does not make sense.  This takes us so much more time to find the correct package to put it on.


Either way, wouldn’t it make sense that we all ask for this as a feature?  It seems LOGICAL, this would make the ship/print/pack process so much better.  We can't be the ONLY ONES doing it this way?!?


Shipstation support suggested I put this in the support log to get it added as a feature.