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I have been trying to get this to be a thing for a long time and no such luck. It appears that you have to be a silver member which costs $20 more a month than my current bronze package for a simple a feature. As it stands now you cant change the packing slip to remove the coupon codes my customers use. I have contemplated leaving shipstation for the fact of this but have stayed because of the scan feature only. When a customer orders and uses a coupon code and I send it as a gift it doesn't look appealing that the customer used a coupon code to buy them a gift. Using a sharpie marker is unattractive to black out a code that can be removed by upgrading my plan. I ship 300 packages a month I don't need silver and to pay $20 to remove a simple aspect that is clearly doable is a ridiculous to me. Im not asking for a lot of features on the packing slip just a simple removal of something that shouldn't even be there in the first place.