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First-timer (legacy)
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With USMCA replacing NAFTA, I would love to be able to print a certificate of origin while printing shipping labels. We do a lot of business with Canada and this would help us save our customers money and thus do more business.
First-timer (legacy)
SS should offer the ability to send NAFTA Certificates of Origen electronically ad lib. Need our account have the option to send or not to send.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add at least the ability to add a blanket NAFTA declaration form as an attachment to be included and submitted to the carriers.
First-timer (legacy)
I need this not only for NAFTA, but also for AUSFTA and KORUSFTA. Having Shipstation auto-populate a form template for the appropriate Free Trade Agreement with the HTS codes and applicable rules would be amazing, but for now I would settle to just be able to file a form I upload. Providing a way for users to upload the forms and have them electronically file with DHL or UPS would be better than nothing. Right now I have no way to transmit the form to DHL or UPS if the shipment is created in Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
This has been requested over 6 years ago. International Shipments are a major importance for us.
First-timer (legacy)
Like everyone here, I need this as well. There are probably a significant number of users that could benefit. I figured a program this spiffy would do everything. After using SS for almost a year, I am only today learning there is no FTA paperwork being included with ETD/EDI. What a letdown! Thanks to the upset customer yesterday from Canada that was pretty upset he had to shell out extra $$$ just to get his package, I now know. Im supersized I have not been contacted sooner.
First-timer (legacy)
Going on 7th year of NO UPDATE.. whats going on here with this stuff. SHIPSTATION, focus on valuable features over interface nonsense! please and thank you. Great platform - dont loose sight of what it needs to be used for an who its used by. UX design is NOT product.
First-timer (legacy)
All we need is a file upload feature that allows you to add your own page to your transmitted documents, and set what shipping countries that document gets included with, so it pulls the right form for each product that gets sent to each place. This is not a difficult thing. People have needed this feature for 3 years now. How is this still under review?
First-timer (legacy)
Are there ANY new upates reagarding the Electronic NAFTA form? Really, really need this to happen! C'mon ShipStation!
First-timer (legacy)
yep this would be great
First-timer (legacy)
WOW! I just chatted with a customer service agent in October of 2020 and they acted like this was a new issue. It is very concerning to see this issue is 8+ years old. We're now considering switching products in order to process all of orders in one system.