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With USMCA replacing NAFTA, I would love to be able to print a certificate of origin while printing shipping labels. We do a lot of business with Canada and this would help us save our customers money and thus do more business.
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We manufacturer our products on site, and use individual order summaries to travel with each individual order through the production process as a reference. It would be a HUGE time saver if we could select a group of orders and print those summaries at the same time but on individual pages rather than combining all on one page. Printing them one by one takes forever

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Adding our name to the list of customers who need this. We can't propery categorize duty-free goods based on tariff treatment because there is no field to do so that is transferred to UPS, nor is there a way to upload supplemental forms so that they go with the shipment to UPS. 

Shipstation, this has been an issue documented here SINCE 2020.  


Just adding our voice to the rest.  We NEED a way to upload USCMA forms (and more) with shipments.  We currently have to spend literal hours shipping each distributor order, and in the end the only part we can use ShipStation for is "Mark as Shipped".  I'm switching to the first shipping service that offers this.  Hope it's ShipStation so I don't have to!