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Status: Under Review
We need an end of day report for UPS that is scannable. Having only the electronic transmission is keeping the customer from tracking packages as the distribution center doesn't always get the scans when the packages go through the site. Plus the electronic transmission doesn't capture when the packages leave our dock.
First-timer (legacy)
I am beginning to believe that Shipstation does not have permission to create a label that would be accepted by UPS. The same applies to the high value report, which our driver has told us is meaningless unless it comes from Worldship. So because Shipstation does not work with Worldship, it's very likely they are simply unable to provide these documents. It would be nice if they would admit this instead of just pretending that the problem doesn't exist with this "pre-scan" nonsense, which is essentially a lie.
Status changed to: Under Review

We have brought this idea to the attention of our product team for further review. 

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Has there been any mention of fixing this @SuperMgr-Sarah 


UPS denies claims because drivers do not scan and we lose thousands of dollars of goods. Back to Worldship???

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So this has been requested since 2017 and it's still not available?   It took until end of 2021 to be brought to anyone's attention apparently?   What's the ETA on implementation - can we have some communication please?  The use case is so clear and has been addressed by many already.  Customers want to see when it's picked up, not when it gets to depot.   Amazon penalizes scans missing from the same day.   We've had entire bags of small boxes go missing for days or a week in one case before they were found.  Since the manifest was not scanned at pickup, we could not prove product was shipped.   UPS tells us we can scan the end of day manifest - but Shipstation won't provide a manifest that can be scanned.  

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Is this still under consideration? It's been years.