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Addition to Split Ship


I had a customer place a large order he intended to ship to 5 different recipients. The split ship feature allows me to split that order into 5, however, I cannot edit 5 different addresses. Only 1 address for 5 shipments. A feature allowing me to split a large order up into 5 different recipients with 5 different addresses would be helpful.




Hey there @KCCattleCo


Although this was not something that was directly addressed in this most recent split ship release, I definitely see why this would be desired! I am pleased to inform that we have been told that an update is in the works that will address these multiple address situations you are describing. 


I don't have an ETA for that release just yet, but certainly as soon as I do, that update will be provided. 


Happy shipping! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!