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Automatically Select Carriers by Cheapest Rate

New Contributor

We currently send items using multiple carrier accounts, If we are bulk processing a batch of labels is there an option to automatically select the carrier based on the cheapest rate. Using the rate calculator to select this on an item by item basis is too time consuming when there are 100's of orders in a batch.



Hi @JJ23 ,


Currently ShipStation does not have a native feature to select the cheapest rate / carrier.


I had this same issue using shipstation and I ultimately created my own tool that works with Shipstation to do this. You are able to set conditions such as carriers/package types you want to consider, and then the tool will automatically select the cheapest rate for you in shipstation. 


You can actually see the tool and check if it will work for your needs at


Shawn Singh
Founder of Station+
Automatically select the cheapest carrier in shipstation

Hello @JJ23 !


The ShipStation product team has been working on an automated cheapest rate solution for awhile now and it's almost ready. We are currently in a user testing and feedback phase and the plan is to release this feature to everyone early in 2022 (we hope by the end of March, but this will depend on what we discover through testing and feedback). 


If you are interested in using the beta version of this feature, we can enable it for you. I'll share your account info with our project manager and they'll include you in the next group of users we enable this for.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

@SuperMgr-Sarah  ME! I would be interested in testing using the beta version of this! Is the beta version available while using Legacy version??? Please let me know! 😃

Hi @kayla-zk


I've added you to the list so you can get access to this in the next wave (not totally sure when that will happen though). 


Unfortunately, this feature will not be available in ShipStation Legacy. You must switch over to the new layout to use it. I will enable this option on your account so you can try it out. Once enabled, you'll see a "Try Now" button in the top right. Simply click that button to move into V3.


To go back to the legacy version, click the "Give Feedback" link - also in the top right where the "Try Now" button was. Choose the option to go back to the old layout and type something in to the text box to let our product team know why you don't want to stick with the new layout. If you choose not to return to the legacy version for 2 weeks, the "Give Feedback" option will expire. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

If you choose not to return to the legacy version for 2 weeks, the "Give Feedback" option will expire. 

Hi @SuperMgr-Sarah - I just want to confirm whether or not this (^^^) also means that if I don't revert back to the Legacy version within 2 weeks, that I will no longer be able to use Legacy and will be "stuck" using the new layout permanently? Or can I switch back, but just no longer give feedback?

It also means you won't have the option to switch back to Legacy.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

I'm interested.

Hi @SuperMgr-Sarah, Could you help me enroll in the next beta group for this feature?  Very interested.  Thanks!

@SuperMgr-Sarah Could you help me enroll my store in the next beta group for this feature?  We are on V3 and are very interested. Thanks!

Hi Sarah

we are interested in this feature is it ready or can we get on the beta list?

Howdy yall! 


Thanks for expressing interest in this beta test group! Be on the lookout for a DM from me soon 🙂 


Happy Shipping, friends! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thanks Davis!!! Patiently waiting for this to be enabled!

Occasional Contributor

I would also like to have access to this.  I hope if ShipStation is working on this, that they are also considering automating selection or suggestion of the cheapest Ship From (with inventory on hand) for the cheapest carrier.  For those of us that have multiple Ship From's (multiple warehouses throughout the country) we need to ship from the closest location.  It's a huge factor in determining the cheapest rate.  It's massively time consuming to choose the cheapest Ship From with inventory on hand and cheapest carrier.  We have thousands of tag rules by sku by state to reduce the effort.  Please, if you are working on this, do not just make it best carrier for a given Ship From.  Make it also figure out the best Ship From with the best rate overall.  Hope this makes sense I would love to be part of any beta or testing or input group on this topic.