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Automation rule needs to add 'Charge shipping to recipient' option. 3rd party billing has 5% fee

Occasional Contributor

Is there a way to setup ‘Charge shipping to recipient’ in Automation rule? I do not see that option. Now we use 'Charge shipping to 3rd party' if customer prefer to use their shipping account.  There is 5% service fee charged by carrier like UPS with 3rd party billing. Our customer complained. Hope ShipStation team can add that option on ASAP.


Occasional Contributor

Please leave your comments here to make this post popular. We need ‘Charge shipping to recipient’ option in Automation rule

Hello, @bo1!


We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience. At the same time, I am unsure when this feature will be on the product roadmap. The request is listened to and very much appreciated! We always want to hear what the merchants need. 


Happy Shipping! 




New Contributor

I am also very interested in an automation rule to "charge to recipient" rather than "charge shipping to third party." We ship a lot of packages using the recipients' account numbers.