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Barcode Order to be read on DPD App


Hi All,

I use shipstation to manage the orders from our different marketplaces and the different carrier companies we work with.

I ran into an issue with DPD (carrier). DPD labels printed through Shipstation are on different size from the standards that I purchase from DPD app itself. (and we only have one printer for DPD which means everytime we get an shipment through shipstation we need to change the label sizes...and is time consuming).

I have tried printing the packing slip from Shipstation with the barcode order.

Then generate the label from shipstations (Without printing the label).

Since shipstation and DPD are integrated, I can see that shipment on DPD App.

The issue here is: I tried to scan the barcode from the packing slip from shipstation on DPD app, the scanning function, and it does bring the order number. (even that I can see the shipment on DPD)


It will be perfect if this can be read because my packing team will be able to scan the barcode and the ready to print the label from DPD and avoid all the issues between different sizes label.


Hey there @MarioMendiburo


Thank you for joining us here in the community! 


I want to make sure that I fully understand your intention here. It sounds like you are wanting to be able to scan the packing slip that was created in ShipStation, in the DPD app to pull up the shipment. Is that correct? This can be a challenge because the packing slip template and barcode has been created prior to receiving the tracking information from DPD. Therefore that information could not yet be present. 


Although DPD is integrated into ShipStation, our internal tools (like packing slips) may not be transmitted to the internal DPD tools. Shared information like the tracking number would be the same but an internal order/shipment number may be different in the separate systems. 


In case it would be helpful, I wanted to also include this Knowledge Base article about Packing Slips, and customizing them.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!