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Can't calculate shipping on an unpaid order

Occasional Contributor

On the new version I have to mark an order paid before I can calculate shipping. I offer repair service and many of my orders are not paid in advance. Unfortunately these types of orders often need adjustments including shipping costs.  In the old version I could easily do this but now the shipping area is hidden until it's marked as paid. I suggest hiding the Create + Print button instead of the entire section. 

As it is now I have to leave the order to use the calculator and have to enter the shipping details by hand from a paper copy of the ship-to address. 



There are a variety of reasons that we want to ship unpaid orders.  First some orders are paid AFTER receiving, depending on the item.  Second, in the event we WANT to get paid, after marking it as unpaid it creates a marketing and tracking nightmare to remember that, which creates a lot more work.  If this was previously a feature, it should be restored.  Does anyone from Shipstation actually monitor this forum?  I would appreciate a response.