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Can't print more than a few packing slips at once

New Contributor

I can't print more than a few packing slips at once. If I try to print 10, it won't let me preview them, print them as normal, print via shipstation connect, or download them. It's just a black screen where the preview usually is. I have to go in and print 3 or 4 at a time. It's so time consuming.


Anyone else run into this issue? Any fixes? I've contacted support who's supposed to be getting back to me, but it's taking a long time & I need to get this figure out ASAP. Printing 150+ tickets 4 at a time isn't sustainable.





Just in case the support desk hasn't resolved this issue for you, here are some steps I've found to help improve processing:


-Use the Chrome browser for processing. Firefox and Safari may have issues in properly loading all the data from shipstation.

-Reset your internet connection

-Process orders in batches containing less than 99. Any more than this and there will be errors.

-Do not mix multiple stores in a single batch, this helps prevent orders from not printing as they split off after processing.

-Set your packing slip and labels to download and then print from the browser. I've found that the shipconnect isn't always reliable but downloading my processed packing slips and labels as PDFs never fail. 



New Contributor

I figured it out. We had our social media icons coded in to display on our packing slip. While they were displayed small, the original file size was pretty big. So it seems that as ShipStation was pulling each of those images in from online, it was timing out if it had to do it too many times. I edited the code to remove the social media icons & it works now. (I'm sure I also could have re-uploaded them at a small size & that would've worked too.)