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Chat support? Email support? ANYTHING?

New Contributor

I've been with Shipstation for years, used to be a cinch to contact support.  Now I can't find ANY WAY to do it. I've wasted 20 minutes going through their stupid help pages just looking for ways to contact help IN ANY WAY.  I find these pages that talk about imaginary links to the chat that don't exist, etc.  Does anyone from shipstation read this?  Call me if so.




Try using a different browser such as Edge or Chrome. I had this same issue awhile ago using Firefox. But in a different browser it popped up in the bottom corner.

Hey there @MacdaddyMusic


We definitely want to make sure you can reach out to support when needed! Once you are in one of our knowledge base articles, double check that you are signed in at the top (if you're not, it will say "Sign In") of the page. Sign in using your normal creds, and in the bottom right corner of the page you'll see a green chat icon populate. This is your live chat widget. If you close or navigate away from this page it will close the chat out, so I recommend keeping that on a secondary tab/window so you can continue to work while in that chat box. 


Thanks for your assistance as well @rawar, alternate browsers can often be quite helpful! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!