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DO NOT archive shipper information from the order window.


I was reviewing an order that was shipped incorrectly, but looking under the the Shipment Activity in the order window it only stated that the label was created by "Shipstation" rather than providing the username. Recent orders all show the username of the account that created the label, the order that had this information and replaced the username with "Shipstation" was created less than two months ago and the shipment was created less than one month ago.

Upon checking with support, they were able to retrieve this data on the "back end", and that if we need to find this information for other orders: 

"you are more than welcome to request us to look it up for you.

We can send in a Service Request and check on the back end."

Please change this feature so that the information is not removed. It seems unreasonable that it requires a support request to view basic information on a shipment created less than 30 days ago.