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Feature Request (Printing order barcodes sticker)

New Contributor



I think an important feature to request is to be able to print the barcode that Shipstation generates for each order on a sticker by itself or allowing the creation of custom documents based on shipstation HTML suggestions or just allowing barcode printing.


Basically I'm trying to implement barcode scanning through shipstation in my fulfillment area. The work flow as follows:

1. create packing slips 

2. collect the order in a bin

3. push it to the packing station

4. the order get scanned and verified on a station and a shipping preset (box size) will be scanned to apply it.

5. next step will be closing the box and taping it ( here where I got stuck)

Normally we put the packing slip inside the order for the customer and since we are closing and taping the box we won't be able to tell which order is it. So I think on the same station adding a step which is printing the order barcode on a small sticker like 2 x 1 or 4 x 1 and sticking it to the box makes it easier for the following person to know which order is it.

6. the last person will get the box ( taped and ready will a barcode sticker to pull the order details that we created in the previous step) scan this barcode, put the order on the scale, scan the scale barcode, and lastly scan the barcode to create the shipping label.

I believe that's how the workflow should be and that's why I'm requesting this feature to be able to print these barcodes on the packing station to stick them to the box.


If you will also allow printing this document with barcode scanning will be perfect.

Also, if you allow the creation of custom documents then people will be able to customize them based on their workflows.

This will be a great feature and selling point, especially for growing businesses.


Best regards



I agree! I only print barcodes for scanning box sizes but it would be great to have them print individually or atleast let me choose the order that they print. I have to literally cut and paste into the order I like.