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Scan to Batch Not Working in Version 3


Hi ShipStation Community,


Is anyone else having problems doing batch scans with their scanners after ShipStation upgraded to version 3?


The update of version 3 Shipstation is causing a bottleneck in printing shipping labels.


All were working in version 2 of ShipStation just a few days ago. The scanning system was scanning from the barcodes printed from the ShipStation packing slips.


Nothing was changed on our end.


This is our process:

1. Print packing slip from ShipStation with barcode

2. Go to “Open Batches" or "Create a New Batch"

3. Click ’Scan to Batch’ 

4. Use scanner and scan barcode from ShipStation packing slip

5. Transaction starts to queue on Open Batch page


Currently, with version 3, the scans are not resulting into a transaction queuing on the Open Batch page. We will go through steps 1 to 4 and nothing will happen at step 5.


Your help is greatly appreciated as this problem has been a bottleneck since ShipStation updated to version 3.


Big Thanks!