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Filtering shipped orders and batches

New Contributor

I currently need to filter out/mark the shipped orders within a batch. I ship alot of products but some within my daily batch dont make it to end of day. I need to filter them out and remove them so I can complete my paperwork. I need to keep all my orders for the day in 1 batch so can keep track of what is actually shipping out that day. 



Easiest thing to do will be to create an order tag that either denotes that the order is to be removed or the lack of the tag denotes that the order is to be removed. 

Note that you cannot filter by tag exclusion on the top filter bar--conditions that exclude tags must be set in a 'Saved Filter', accessed via 'Saved Filters -> Manage Filters'.


Hello @pilly and @JakeM


Thanks for reaching out and for being a part of our community. 


@JakeM, thank you for responding and suggesting this solution. We love to see members helping each out like this. @pilly  I just wanted to tag you in this post in case you might have missed it. Hopefully this helped you out. 


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