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Hotkeys not working

Regular Visitor

Please fix the kotkeys! Even the arrows in the order window don't work from keyboard. Not to mention s - for shipping w - weighing etc.. Help!!


Regular Visitor

So in order for the arrows on the keyboard to work in the order window so I can navigate to the next order I have to click on the order window again as if I clicked away when I clicked on Create$Print Label in the same window (which was accomplished by pressing S in the old version). With this additional click it defies the whole arrow function as a hotkey................. I'm pretty annoyed by this as this adds unnecessary clicks and additional steps.

Also I don't like I cannot view the order that I just shipped by pressing the back arrow. Sometimes I need to verify and make sure I didn't make a mistake and I need to click away from the order window and go find the order I'm looking for. Another way to waste my time. Ugh

Occasional Contributor

We completely agree... the new layout is not intuitive and has a poorer UIX. On top of the issues of hotkeys not working in the order screen, at the grid layout with sidebar, the hotkeys initially work but after a label is created + printed (S), the grid loses focus and we're unable to navigate with hotkeys, even the standard ones such as down arrow to move to the next order in the grid... we're having to reach for the mouse each time now and has slowed down our workflow considerably.


There's other issues with the new layout but for just keeping it to hotkeys on this post... are we still able to switch back to V2 Legacy? Only reason we migrated was due to the email announcing that we were all going to be forced into the new layout on May 5.


I've had a ticket open on this issue for over 6 months with no reply. It sounds like they're forcing some users onto the new layout with no fix as of yet. It seems to be a focus issue as I discovered just today while doing some more testing that some of the Advanced Hot keys (of which "s" and "w" are two) work from the grid view but not from the order view. More info at this link, if it's helpful.