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Implement webhook

Occasional Contributor

I am trying to implement webhook payloads. I want to know more details of fields for following data.


Sample data for webhook payloads is given in the following URL: 



On Orders Shipped (SHIP_NOTIFY):



1. What is use of resource_url?

2. What is batchId which pass in query string?

3. Where I can get that batchId?

4. Is storeId is optional?


Occasional Contributor

Once a webhook is executed, it'll post that JSON data to whatever endpoint URL you specify. So say, your endpoint is When an order is shipped (for SHIP_NOTIFY), ShipStation will POST {"resource_url":"","resource_type":"SHIP_NOTIFY"} to


On your end, once the request comes in, you decode the JSON and do a GET request on the resource_url given (which is unique to that webhook notification). You'll have to include the Authentication header as with other API calls. Once you made that call to the resource_url, you'll receive in return the details of the order shipped that triggered the webhook.