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Is it possible to print letter address labels directly from Shipstation?


We need to be able to print letter address labels. Is this a possibility? We apply our own stamps from the Post Office. There doesn't seem to be any option to print just the label. Is this something that is being looked into as this can be done in other shipping programs.



Hi @alisellou!


This is a question we've been asked before and the consensus is that we do not plan on adding this type of functionality to ShipStation because there are already so many apps out there that provide this feature and are purpose built for it (which means they'll do it better than an app that isn't really built for that purpose). ShipStation's purpose is primarily to print postage for small parcels and so is focused on the needs of ecommerce merchants around order management and shipment management. Address-only labels do not fall within ShipStation's use cases.


I would recommend using one of the Avery label templates with Microsoft Word for this option. It works really well once configured correctly. I used this method a great deal when I was the ecommerce manager for an independent book store. (We did not use ShipStation back then 😅).


At the time we had an account with a postage provider that provided a device to weigh the shipments and print USPS postage. It didn't connect to any computer or import any details. It just weighed and printed postage. In the early days we hand wrote the address labels, but eventually we had to use a program to print address label as there were just too many to do otherwise. The Avery template/MSWord combo was super simple and rarely failed.


I hope this was helpful.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx