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Labels- More Label Sizes Needed

Frequent Contributor

Has anyone else been receiving Thermal Shipping Labels for free from UPS or FedEx? If so, are you experiencing the issue where ShipStation only has 4x6 or 8.5 x 11 size shipping label printing options available in their system? 


We have been wanting to start using the 4x6.75 labels, but have been told that Shipstation has "done the research and that these 2 sizes above are the ones Shipstation has agreed on and implemented". This is quite frustrating as it seems that they've not done a survey to users who are receiving Free Labels from carriers but have only made a decision from their personal opinions. 


Mind you, Shipstation is partnered with UPS as a whole, and UPS also offers this label size free to their customers, but it's not an option to be used through Shipstation.