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Missing Addtional Shipping options


Trying to get some ups express packages shipped out and arrive on Saturday. Cannot find the addtional shipping options. I see the guide online where you set the location, carrier, type, weight,size, etc and then they show a tab for additional shipping options. We dont have this tab.





That is certainly strange. I checked in my account on several different UPS services and Saturday Delivery appears to be available. Here is a screenshot of the shipping sidebar (keep in mind you have to have the service selected in the Service drop-down for the Other Shipping Options to show the available options): 


If you either don't have a service selected yet, or the service selected doesn't support Saturday Delivery, the option won't appear (though, the "Other Shipping Options" section should still be there). 


Something else to consider - when you are in the grid view for your orders, you can drag-and-drop these shipping sidebar sections so they appear in any sequence you wish. Maybe the sections are in a different order than what's in the screenshot?


Finally, maybe try clearing your browser cache - sometimes that could clear up some unusual display issues.


If none of that is helpful, I suggest contacting ShipStation Support to have them look into this further. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx